Bollywood Wannabe got greenlit!

Thanks to everyone who voted for it on Greenlight, Bollywood Wannabe will be available on Steam.

This is quite a surprise for me, and I will work on making it available on Steam as soon as possible. I will try to keep you updated on the process through our Facebook page and Twitter.

Thanks again to everyone who voted for us!

Bollywood Wannabe Price Cut - Now $9.95

Bollywood Wannabe Price Cut

You can now download Bollywood Wannabe for one easy payment of $9.95!

Bollywood Wannabe Music : Riffat Sultana

It’s now time to look at the singer behind the song used in the sixth level of Bollywood Wannabe, "Nach Le Sade Nal".

Bollywood Wannabe now available on Desura

Bollywood Wannabe is now available on Desura!

Bollywood Wannabe

Bollywood Wannabe Music : Nishant Mudgal

Today I will write about the singer and creator of the song used in the fifth level of Bollywood Wannabe. “TDM” is the creation of Nishant Mudgal, a singer, rapper, songwriter, music producer, beat boxer, artist and musician from India.

Nishant Mudgal

Bollywood Wannabe on Greenlight

You can now vote for Bollywood Wannabe on Steam Greenlight!

If you like the game and wish it was available on Steam, click the following button and vote for it!

Bollywood Wannabe Music : Shivangi Bhayana

Today we will look at another Canadian artist, Shivangi Bhayana, the artist who created the song for the fourth level of Bollywood Wannabe, “Jaane Tu Kahan Hai”. In this level, “Juliet” sings her love for “Romeo”, so I needed a love song with a female singer. But, since it’s a rhythm game, I also wanted a song with a nice rhythm. “Jaane Tu Kahan Hai” was all that and so much more.

The bug from hell and the heavenly customer

Releasing a game on PC has a lot of advantages:

  • No platform approbation process
  • Many tools available, often for free
  • You can offer the game for sale yourself or partner with multiple different store
  • Development kit is your own computer
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